What are the PSJA Dual Language Teacher Spotlights?

  • The PSJA Dual Language Teacher Spotlights is an initiative that recognizes Dual Language Teachers who are committed to providing students with an educational environment that fosters bi-literacy. Elementary, middle school, and high school educators are nominated by campus administrators and finalists per category are selected by the PSJA Dual Language Enrichment Program leaders for recognition every six weeks.

    Congratulations to this year's recipients!

  • Rosie Perez
    Rosie Perez
    Carmen Anaya Elementary

  • Francisca Vargas
    Francisca Vasquez
    McKeever Elementary

    Maria Silva
    Ramirez Elementary

  • David Frias
    David Frias
    Kelly-Pharr Elementary

  • Olga
    Olga Aldaña
    Cesar Chavez Elementary 

  • Maura Chapa, Palmer
    Maura Chapa
    Palmer Elementary

  • San Juanita Rivera
    San Juanita Rivera
    Liberty Middle School

  • Teresa Garza
    Teresa Garza
    Escalante Middle School

  • Luis Campos
    Luis Campos
    Escalante Middle School 

  • Photo of Monica
    Monica S. Alvarez
    Murphy Middle School 

  • Arnoldo Perez, LBJ
    Arnoldo Perez
    Liberty Middle School

  • Oscar Figueroa
    Oscar Figueroa
    Kennedy Middle School 

  • Natalia Ybarra
    Natalia Ybarra
    PSJA Southwest ECHS

  • Dania Ybarra
    Dania Ibarra
    PSJA North ECHS

  • Yezenia
    Yezenia Muñoz
    PSJA Southwest ECHS

  • Reybal
    Ricardo Reybal
    PSJA Early College HS 

  • Blanca Villarreal
    Blanca Villarreal
    PSJA North Early College HS 

  • Luz Cepeda
    Luz Cepeda
    PSJA Memorial ECHS