About the Energy Dept

  • Mission Statement:

    The Department of Energy is committed to systematically control and reduce the cost of utilities; project future utility costs and select better rates within electric service providers (ESP) in deregulated markets; and plan for replacement of inefficient equipment including building automation control systems.

    Department Goals:

    The Department of Energy is dedicated to the efficiency of energy use in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District. This is primarily accomplished by using our automated control system. By monitoring the automated control system, labor requirements are reduced and prompt responses to problems are facilitated. Building utility is tracked and discrepancies are investigated to maximize the reduction in energy consumption, utility, and fuel costs without sacrificing human comfort and safety.

    The responsibilities of the Department of Energy are to:

    • Work toward achieving a cost avoidance on energy usage
    • Focus on cost-effective operations and on timely support to schools
    • Effectively identify inefficient equipment and acquire with high-energy- efficient ratio (EER) replacements
    • Effectively control utility waste
    • Plan and forecast future consumption of utilities
    • Keep abreast of all innovations that can reduce energy usage in schools
    • Work with building principals and committees to determine ways to reduce energy consumption
    • Make changes to school cooling plants that will reduce the use of energy
    • Keep track of District energy consumption
    • Communicate total cost avoidance to staff and the public

Important Information

    A: The answer is Vampire Power.

    Q: What is Vampire Power? 
    A: Vampire Power is the energy consumed by an item when it is off but still plugged into the wall receptacle. Everyday we take for granted the energy we consume by items we leave plugged into the wall even if we don’t use it. Day after day we hear about the green movement or energy conservation but pay no attention to it. Some of us may be geared to do our best to conserve but with life’s busy schedule sometimes we feel we just don’t have the time. 

    Here are some examples of how much Vampire Power our everyday household or workplace items consume when off but still plugged in:

    Product Average Watts
    Mobile phone charger 1.0
    17” LCD Flat Monitor 1.5
    17” CRT Monitor (Big TV type) 2.0
    Laptop 9.0
    Desktop Tower 3.0
    Inkjet Printer 1.3
    Laser Printer 1.6
    Computer Speakers 1.8
    Portable Stereo 1.7
    Television CRT type 3.0
    Television Big Screen 7.0
    DVD/VCR 5.0

    To understand what exactly we are talking about when it comes to money, let’s do a small calculation using some of the items above. Let’s say we have one computer system in our classroom, or at home, and you just turned it off for half a day but it is still plugged in. What are they consuming?

    First, we have to calculate cost for each item then add them together.
    Desktop: 3.0 watts, Flat Monitor: 1.5 watts, Inkjet Printer: 1.3 watts, and Speakers: 1.8 watts
    3.0 x 12 hours/day x 30 days/month = 1080 watts/1000 = 1.08 kwh x $0.10 = $0.108/month
    1.5 x 12 hours/day x 30 days/month = 540 watts/1000 = 0.54 kwh x $0.10 = $0.054/month
    1.3 x 12 hours/day x 30 days/month = 468 watts/1000 = 0.468 kwh x $0.10 = $0.0468/month
    1.8 x 12 hours/day x 30 days/month = 648 watts/1000 = 0.648 kwh x $0.10 = $0.0648/month

    So our total cost for our computer system is only $0.2736 a month which won’t break the bank, but if we calculate the cost for our entire district we are looking at $3556.80/month for approximately 13,000 systems. That same amount comes to approximately $42,681.60 a year by not unplugging the system. Imagine the cost for the same system but actually left on all day. When we see it in this perspective we should understand why we should unplug our items during times when we won’t be using them. I hope this sheds some light on what Vampire Power can consume.

    Thank you,
    Jaime Barboza
    Energy Manager

AC Request

  • AC Requests are to be submitted online through mPulse

    Procedures and or recommendations for HVAC requests. Please consider the following when submitting an AC Request:


    • Is the request reasonable?
    • Does it follow District Conservation Efforts? If it doesn’t will it be accepted or denied?

    • Is my HVAC request submitted within (24 hours) time frame before a scheduled event? Phone requests are not permitted.
    • The request should include the following:


    Name of building

    Location eg. Address or Rm. #

    Title of Event



    Number of participants

    Signature of Approval by Principal, Director or Designee as per mpulse access list.


    Not all employees have permission to request AC through mpulse.

    Please contact your campus secretary or Department of Energy for additional information if needed.


    Need Link https://mpulse8.com/#/


  • Department of Energy
    T: (956) 354-2061
    F: (956) 354-3020

    E: energy@psjaisd.us

    Address: 800 S. Stewart Rd., San Juan, TX. 78589 

    Staff Members
    Jaime Barboza, Senior Energy Manager
    Rene Molina, EMS Tech/Operator
    Patsy Leal, Secretary
    Julie Munoz, EMS Clerk